Are Stumps Ruining Your Property's Potential?

Ask about stump removal services in the Irving, TX area

No one wants unsightly stumps in their yard, but they're often difficult to remove without professional equipment. Thankfully, J. Chavez Tree & Landscaping takes on stump removal jobs in the Irving, TX area. We'll use an effective stump grinding method to level your lawn and leave you with a flat surface that's ready to use.

Work with us to skip the hassle of hacking and pulling at your stumps. We'll give you great results while protecting the foliage in the area.

3 reasons to remove those stubborn stumps

Stumps can cause a lot of issues for property owners. You should get stump removal services in order to:

  • Prevent pest infestations
  • Improve your curb appeal
  • Clear space for recreational activities

Don't wait to get rid of the pesky stumps on your property. Call us now at 972-815-3880 to get a free stump grinding estimate.